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"Marv Hagedorn has shown true leadership by using  his real world experience to serve the people of Idaho.  That's why he is the best choice for state senate in my home district.  I ask that you join me in voting for Marv Hagedorn on May 15th."  -Raul Labrador, Congressman, US House of Representatives, Idaho 1st Congressional District


Marv Hagedorn is a veteran, a businessman, and a conscientious and committed legislator who understands the opportunities and challenges facing Idaho and our citizens. I appreciate the great work he’s done in the House, and I look forward to him carrying on that kind of outstanding public service in the Idaho Senate." - C.L. "Butch" Otter, Governor, State of Idaho


Marv is the best kind of legislator: honest, decisive, compassionate, and a budget hawk. He’s a courageous leader willing to make tough votes to improve Idaho's economy and further enhance Idaho’s public education system.” -Tom Luna, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction


"The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police proudly supports Marv Hagedorn for District 14 Senate.
Hagedorn has been a strong supporter of law enforcement and is a true patriot.  Hagedorn recognized the need for officers and their families to be protected from threats, so he worked with the FOP and sponsored the address confidentiality bill for police officers.  For his work and dedication Hagedorn was awarded the Fraternal Order of Police Legislator of the year in 2010.  Hagedorn sponsored the "hoax device" legislation which made it a crime to place phony explosive devices with the intent to cause fear and panic.  Hagedorn is tough on crime and has been a huge advocate for police officers and their families all across Idaho and in his home district. He has taken time to meet with police officers and spend time out in the streets to fully understand what officers face on a daily basis.  Hagedorn won the FOP "Top Shooter" award in 2009 and 2012." -The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police

Thanks to the individuals and groups who have supported and continue to support Marv's efforts in the legislature.  This list continues to grow, proof that Marv builds relationships and bridges for solutions!

  • Congressman Raul Labrador

  • Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter

  • Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little

  • Idaho Schools Superintendent Tom Luna

  • Representative Reed DeMordaunt

  • Mayor Jim Reynolds, City of Eagle

  • Mayor Tammy DeWeerd, City of Meridian

  • Mayor Nate Mitchell, City of Star

  • Pro-Tem Brent Hill, Idaho State Senate

  • Speaker Lawerence Denney, Idaho House of Representatives and Mrs. Donna Denney

  • Former Speaker Bruce Newcomb, Idaho House of Representatives 

  • Mrs. Idaho, Beverly Hartle

  • Senator Russ Fulcher, Idaho State Senate Majority Caucus Chairman

  • Former Ada County Commissioner, Fred Tillman

  • Bruce and Janice Wong

  • Representative Scott Bedke, Idaho House of Representative Assistant Majority Leader

  • Star City Councilman, Gary Smith

  • Reppresentative Ken Roberts, Idaho House of Representatives Majority Caucus Chairman

  • Senator Shirley McKague

  • Meridian Chamber of Commerce

  • Councilman Brad Hoaglund, Meridian City Council

  • Councilman David Zaremba, Meridian City Council

  • Councilman Keith Bird, Meridian City Council

  • Councilman Charlie Roundtree, Meridian City Council

  • US Senator Larry Craig, Retired

  • Anheuser Busch Co.

  • Senator Chuck Winder, Idaho State Senate Assistant Majority Leader

  • Idaho Fraternal Order of Police

  • Professional Fire Fighters of Idaho

  • The R.W. May Family

  • National Rifle Association, A+ Rating

  • Potlatch Corp.

  • Adam Graham, Idaho Conservative Blogger: Adam's Blog (an interesting read)

  • Jim and Nora Carpenter

  • Julie Pipal, Chairman, Meridian Development Corp.

  • Idaho Truck PAC

  • Domenic Gelsomino

  • Altria Client Services

  • Janelle DeWeerd

  • Corrections Corperation of America

  • Education Networks of America

  • Bob Bruce

  • Winning for Idaho

  • Dave and Shirley Tucker

  • Idaho Prosperity Fund (IACI)

  • Brandon Wright, Ultraclean Pro

  • Mike Johnson

  • Anne Little Roberts

  • Steve Sedlacek

  • David Johnson

  • John Casey

  • Scott Morell

  • Kelly Howe

  • Jeff Bacon

  • Tracy Basterrechea

  • Joe Borton

  • Idaho Chooses Life

  • Idaho Power

  • Darrell Manning

  • Tyler Hurst family



  • Paid Committee To Elect Marv Hagedorn
  • 5285 W. Ridgeside St
  • Meridian, ID 83646
  • Local: 208-867-5643
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